My water, my calm.

Water of the earth, water of my body. How is it that I am supposed to be near you without losing my heart onto the sand of your floor? Please, kiss my toes as they dip into your life, soothe my aches as you hug these long stems I use to move through the noise... Continue Reading →


Raise your hand if today you heard from any person or advertisement that you, right now, are good enough. Anybody? If you did raise your hand, you are a lucky human. If you didn’t, listen closely. You are enough. Recently, I went to an event for women where I was reminded just how rare it... Continue Reading →

two and one

(last poem from my Corporeal Writing Poetry workshop)   Air kisses her skin as she rests her head on his heart beats in time with         breath heavy and deep         catching up from their love.   Blue cotton over under in-between limbs wrapped as roots of a tree     one     yet... Continue Reading →

I have heard.

It is here with belly to thighs, crown reaching toward earth, body hovering above the purple. Here the quiet comes. Here within my opening heart and flowing breath I finally hear.   It is here within the songs of my heart and the stories of my bones. Within the glow of my soul I hear... Continue Reading →

A Last.

And sometimes Just like that I am back in my old living room Where we sat.   My orange and red chair holding you.   Your feet dry and sore. Needing love. I never liked feet, but Yours were   yours.   I dressed your crumbling toes in shiny purple pink. Wishing I could take... Continue Reading →


Is it these heavy round fat sacks hanging off the front of my body? The things made for giving life to fresh humans? Or is it the simply the know? Your knowing that under these mid-waist blues jeans with a torn hem lives a vagina. You think that this vagina and these fat sacks tell... Continue Reading →

A Break-up Letter To: My Hair-Dye

I am tired of seeing myself in the mirror. Not because of my face, but because of you surrounding my face with your light brown dark blonde auburn orange balayage bullshit.   Sure I liked you for a while, maybe I even loved you. You made me feel shinier sometimes, but you also made me... Continue Reading →

All Sex, No Shame

Hello friends! I wrote another thing that Elephant Journal published! *** Why are you laughing? asked the nice man wrapped in the tan sheets beside me. Afterall, laughter isn’t really an accepted form of post-coital behavior, especially when you don’t really know the person. I wasn’t laughing at him, I was laughing at the way... Continue Reading →

Some Days

Dripping from my bones Leaving puddles of darkness behind My every step   Strangers passing by Can see it Can hear it   They must know They must sense it This grief I carry   Some days it feels so heavy It might flatten me to the ground, though I don’t let it take me... Continue Reading →

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